7 Ways To Cure Smelly Feet

by admin on May 19, 2009

feetBacteria and fungus are usually the culprits with smelly feet. To cure smelly feet try using treatments to deal with the bacteria and fungus.

1) Get a pedicure. The solution used in the water your feet soak in usually has something to kill off bacteria. The skin is also cleaned up, often with some type of foot file. This also helps get rid of any foot oder. I like this one the best simply because it is a wonderful way to be pampered and cure stinky feet at the same time.

2) Soak your feet in:
a. Dark tea from 10 to 30 minutes. This has to be done every night for a week at first and then only once a week. The tannic acid kills off bacteria. It also closes your pours. This reduces the amount your feet sweat.
b. Natural apple cider several times a week. The alcohol kills off bacteria.
c. Vodka. This will also cure smelly feet.
d. Vinegar. Soak feet for half and hour in a footbath with ½ cup of vinegar in warm water.

3) Change your shoes frequently. Don’t wear the same ones every day. You need to let them dry out. There is no point in trying to cure smelly feet if you just stick them back into smelly shoes. The bacteria or fungus that is causing the problem is just going to get right back on your feet, even through your socks. It is also a good idea to use anti bacteria or anti fungal powders in your shoes. Even plain cornstarch would be better than nothing.

4) If possible don’t have socks or shoes on. This will keep your feet dryer preventing stinky feet.

5) Zinc consumption can affect foot oder. If the smell is being caused by a zinc deficiency you need to take 50 mgs of zinc every day for two weeks.

6) Use some type of deodorant on your feet to reduce sweating.

7) Pee on your feet. Yes I said pee on them. It seems that something in urine fights foot oder. Urine has an anti-fungal compound called Urea. It fights foot fungus. It is one of those old wives tales that actually work. The story goes that World War II soldiers would pee on their feet to get rid of stinky feet. Though it does sound gross it may be worth trying in the shower. I think I will stick with my pedicure.

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